Approved Digital Media

In a nutshell you can use Get Mentions to offer shoutouts and mentions on platforms that have a permanent public link. The mentions must be verifiable and permanent. The context must be non-offensive or vulgar and add value to the audience.

Examples of approved media:


Established Blogs

Video (Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion)

Permanent Social Media Content



Non-Approved Digital Media

You are not authorized, nor will get paid for, promotional mentions on transient, live-only or temporary content online. Simply put, if your mention cannot be verified 5 years from now, it is not eligible to be sold via our platform. We also restrict content that is offensive, belligerent, or of little value to an audience.

Examples of non-approved media:

Video streams

Limited time content

Instagram Stories


TikTok or Vine

Racist, Sexiest, or Discriminatory Content

Vulgar Content

Abusive Content

Content That Degrades or Humiliates

Content With Limited Value to Audience

If you have any question about what type of digital content can and cannot be sold via Get Mentions contact our helpful staff.