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Get Mentions is a marketplace for marketers to buy shoutouts and mentions from top digital creators.

What is Get Mentions All About?

Get Mentions works with only the most reputable and consistent Digital Creators to deliver the highest value to brands & marketers. We offer a secure platform for buyers to purchase promotional mentions while supporting great digital creators.

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Why work with Get Mentions?
  • Security

    As a third party, we verify the transaction on both ends so digital creators will not get paid until the shoutout or mention is done per the buyer's specification. We verify and allow buyers to confirm and review the work done.

  • Affordable

    Get Mentions is very unique because it gives smaller digital creators an opportunity to earn money while growing their personal brand and channel. We pass the savings on to our buyers with promotional mentions starting at $1-a-hollar!

  • Targeted Audience

    To get started, just place a search with targeted keywords or browse our huge list of talented digital creators and influencers. All Mentions are guaranteed to meet your specifications or you will receive a full refund.

How Get Mentions works?
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  • Enter your needs

    Tell us what you are looking for. Enter keywords such as location, industry or platform.

  • Select your favorite

    The choice is yours. Select the right creator to securely purchase your promotion mentions from.

  • Let's do business

    Our system will help you transfer your information and communicate with the content creator easily.

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